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The academy offers tradition, authenticity, depth and excellence at all levels of traditional Tai Chi Chuan training – beginners to advanced

Group Classes

Classes are designed to be fun and we provide a supportive, friendly atmosphere in which to learn. Traditional Tai Chi Chuan for Strong Body Still Mind 

On the course, you will learn the true skills of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, including: 

• The principles and concepts that underpin the art 

• The role of internal energy and how to develop and use it 

• How to still the mind

Click on the map above to find your nearest area, class times / location and then contact the instructor to enrol on the next course.

Private Tuition (available with any instructor) 

One-to-one lessons can be helpful if you wish to explore in-depth the advanced aspects of Tai Chi and to progress more quickly. They may also be useful if you can’t get to classes

We hope that you will join us in pursuing excellence in all aspects of the Chinese ancient art of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

The format of a class is fun, supportive and informative. It is a mixture of group practice and personal training time, which gives the opportunity for individual attention. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and most importantly the time to absorb what is being taught. The instructor is there to help you, but you will also be supported by the friendly community of students that are drawn to training Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi is about self development and through regular practice it will reveal more of its treasures. However everyone learns at their own pace and you should adopt a routine that best suits you. This might be attending classes once a week, or practicing for a couple of minutes a day running through the form. With all things, the more effort you can invest, the more you will get out .

Students who have studied elsewhere and would like to continue their study with the Master Ding Academy are most welcome to join. Most students will find that their previous experience will be useful and help them progress quickly. Depending on where they have studied before, the form may need corrections but most students find this a positive experience as it gives them a chance to re-examine the key principles in tai chi.

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